(Sorry if this is not an Open Source, but to me, it’s an Open Sport πŸ™‚ )

Last night, at 00 am (time in my house, Cambodia), the final Formula1 round took place at Sao Paolo, Brazil. It’s an amazing race in my life, even in Formula1 history. The seven-time champion, Michael Schumacher, needed to win that race to challenge 2006 title from Alonso who needed only 1 point (eighth place) to maintain his title from last season.

Because of some technical problems in qualifying session, the German car was lined up at tenth on the grid while his team-mate, Fellipe Massa who won this race, was at the first place and Alonso was at third. However, with an excellent start, he soon pushed his car to sixth place just behind Alonso’s team-mate, Giancarlo Fisichella. He then tried to seize Fisichella, but the Italian did not give up his position. The German car then surfferd a debris on its left-rear causing the car slowing down. Everything seem to be over for the German and the Cambodian (yeah, that’s me). The German then tried to get his car to the pits while watching other cars left away from him. I thought, he would stop the race. And if he did, I would also switch off my TV. But he didn’t. So why would I go to bed?

After fill up fuel and fresh the rubber, he rejoined the race at 19th which was the last position of the race, just about 4 seconds before his team-mate who was leading the race. However, he immediately showed up his performance by setting a fastest lap and and passed the backmakers one by one. 18th, 17th,…10th. “At least he got 1 point at 8th place”, I thought at that time. He did speed up to 8th place, but who cared? He just continued his progress. He shortly found him self again behind the Fisichella. The Renault driver was forced by the German’s relentless pressure, causing him running wide at the corner and gave up his place to the German.

The next man who suffered from the German’s thunder-like speed was Kimi Raikkonen, who will replace the Geman at Ferrari next season. The Finn strongly defensed his 4th place while the German speeded up his move. The pair then went side-by-side into the corner while their tiers was only 1 inch from each other. That’s pity for the Finn, nothing stopped the German. However, 4th was not his target. The German then tried to fight Jenson Button for the 3rd, but with just a few laps remining, he just had no enough time for his mission. The race was finished with Massa at 1st place, Alonso at 2nd, Button at 3th and the German at 4th.

What’s an amazing race! What’s an amazing driver!

Even the German’s F1 racing life is over (he already announced his retirement plan some time ago), but he have left a great life experience with his top determination. I’ll never forget his move and determination. He will be always my super hero and I wish him all the best in his retirement life with his family.