As you can see in my previous post; I told you that

A lot of thing are coming into my mind. They deserve to be in my blog.

Now they are. As stated in the title, I’m now moving another step away from Windows. Don’t be confused! I’m not at all hating Windows. I’m just getting more and more good feeling with Open Source software. You might say, “you work with OpenSource, so you never like Microsoft”. Say it! I don’t mind. πŸ˜‰

Let’s come to what I want you to know. Ok, here is it…


It’s Ubuntu? No. It’s an application that always make me switch to Windows everytime I want to upload picture to my flickr account.

As most of you know already, flickr is a very famous digital photo sharing website. We can upload our picture and use them in other website by linking to the URL of the picture (just like I used here). To make it more easier, flickr provided an uploader application which can be installed and run in our computer. Unfortunately, that application works only in Windows (as far as I know). This is a pain for me since I’m not staying too much with Windows. I have to switch to my Windows XP to be able to upload my favorite pictures. Actually, we can also upload via website but most of the time it did not work for me. flickr looks not so friendly to my Konqueror. I have to use Firefox instead.

As you can see above, I was in Ubuntu. So yes, I was in Linux. By using Kflickr, I can now upload any picture to my flickr account from my favorite Linux operating system (now there are 3: SUSE, Ubuntu and Kubuntu).

You may still not believe. Ok, let’s see inside my flickr account…



My intension this morning was to edit my friend’s blog URL,, but I was so supprised with a very fancy login screen provided by WordPress.


I cannot guarantee what will be happened after this post. A lot of thing are coming into my mind. They deserve to be in my blog. πŸ˜‰