Just got the original SUSE Linux 10.1 box

July 25, 2006

Yesterday I got a box from SUSE. It’s a gift for my participation in testing and sending the bug that related to Khmer language in SUSE 10.1.

There were 6 installation CDs, 1 DVD (equivalent to those 6 CDs), start-up manual, and a brochure from Linux Magazine.

The whole box was still close with the plastic. Its slogan also caught my attention. It was “Everything you need to get started with Linux”.

Teared the plastic and saw what were inside…

6 installation CDs and 1 DVD.

This is a great present for me. I remembered the first time I started to work on SUSE translation, Karl Eichwalder, one of the SUSE people in charge of translation stuff, told me that I’ll not get any money from SUSE if I work on the translation. Instead, SUSE will offer me a box of the product. Now it got it. I’m so happy to keep and, of cause use it.

Cheer SUSE!


19 Responses to “Just got the original SUSE Linux 10.1 box”

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  4. Sophonrith Says:

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  5. soben Says:

    Nice to see you too, Sophonrith.
    Hope you don’t mind, I’ll add your URL to my blogroll.

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